Whippet Roaching

Patchy Dachsy   (acrylics/mixed media)

New Painting

Coming Soon

New Painting

Coming Soon

Patchy Dachsy

Patchy Dachsy   (acrylics/mixed media)

Whippet in the Stars

Whippet in the Stars (acrylics/mixed media)

Whippet My Heart

Whippet My Heart (acrylics/mixed media)

Whippet in the Garden

Whippet in the Garden (acrylics/mixed media)

Elephant in Color

Elephant in Color (acrylics)

Whippet Sitting

Whippet Sitting (acrylics/mixed media)

Whippet Whimsy

Whippet Whimsy (acrylics/mixed media)

Pit Bull in Love

Pit Bull in Love (acrylics/mixed media)

Shadow in Abstract

Shadow in Abstract (acrylics)

Whimsical Pit Bull

Whimsical Pit Bull (acrylics/mixed media)

Beagle in the Park

Beagle in the Park (acrylics)

Yellow Labrador Retriever

Yellow Labrador Retriever (acrylics)

Dal on Red Pillow

Dal on a Red Pillow (acrylics)

Blue Whippet Turned Purple

Blue Whippet Turned Purple (acrylics)

Running Whippet

Running Whippet (acrylics)

GSD and Kitty

GSD and Happy Kitty (pastels)

Black and white French Bulldog

Lazy French Bulldog  (pastels)

Rottweiler in the Park

Rottweiler in the Park (pastels)

Regal Viszla

Regal Viszla (pastels)

Chocolate Lab Puppy

Chocolate Lab Puppy (pastels)

Cute Small Dog

Alert Tricolor Doggie (pastels)


Mojo, My Muse. (pastels) 

Happy Pittie

Happy Pittie (pastels)

Tri Color Dog

Cute Tricolor Doggie (pastels)


Ruby, one of Mojo's Daughters (pastels)


Tilly, Mojo's Litter Mate (pastels)

Indy with Green Ball

Indy with Green Ball (pastels)


Hera (pastels)


AstonMartin (pastels)

Black Labrador

Black Labrador Retriever (pastels)

Bold color Black Lab

Bold Colored Black Lab (pastels)

Mojo Again

Mojo Again (pastels)

Black French Bulldog

Black French Bulldog (pastels)